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Nutritional Shake

Restore Fusion is specifically designed for oral consumption with an added natural vanilla berry flavor. Restore Fusion is the first and only real food meal specifically formulated to support kidney health. Low in protein, potassium, phosphorus and sodium, this meal is made from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and seeds. Though designed for those with reduced kidney function, this meal can be enjoyed by anyone as part of a real food diet.


Our whole food, powdered meal is perfect as a nutritious shake or tube feeding (enteral). This plant-based, vegan meal is made with whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains and seeds. It is never heat processed. Mix with a liquid of your choice for a low protein, complete, real food meal.


For enteral consumers, you can feed using an infinity pump or syringe feed. This can also be consumed orally and tailored to your desired consistency.


Our meals are loaded with antioxidants, natural vitamins, minerals, and soluble fiber, and free of gluten, dairy, and soy.


For enteral use you may submit this meal to insurance with the HCPCS code B4149.


If a NDC code is required use: 60002-0633-53*


Each package is a one pound bag containing 2,000 calories. This is five, 400 calorie meals per bag!


Ingredients: Millet, coconut oil, cold-processed golden flaxseeds, cold-processed sunflower seeds, organic acai, mangoes, cranberries, natural french vanilla flavor, red bell peppers, organic quinoa, oats, beets, natural berry flavor, organic monk fruit extract, dextrin (a fiber).


Enjoy the goodness nature brings with Whole Story Meals.




*Medicare, Medicaid and health insurers may ask you to provide a National Drug Code / NDC number for insurance claims, billing or reimbursement purposes. Because our products are whole foods and do not constitute “drugs”, we have an Insurance Data Bank and Billing Code that you should use when asked for an NDC number for our products.


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