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Commercial enteral formulas are typically made using a low-cost version of extracted carbohydrates, proteins, and oils. Imagine consuming sugar for nearly all of your carbohydrates. Because these provide only empty calories, synthetic vitamins and minerals are added in to make up for this deficit. This is exactly the way the rest of us are told not to eat, yet these diets are recommended to tube-fed people day in and day out.

There is more to a diet than a concoction of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Real food offers natural fiber, probiotic bacteria, prebiotics to feed the gut microbiome, phytochemicals to contribute to longevity and so much more. Whole Story Meals understands the importance of whole food. The benefits of whole food cannot be reproduced synthetically.


Without proper nutrition, it can be difficult to heal, grow, and thrive. Why would we feed some of the most fragile members of our society some of the the least nutritious food on the market?


While some products for tube feeding do include real food, these products are subjected to high levels of heat to make them shelf stable. This process destroys many of the benefits of the food. They are also heavy and cumbersome.


Whole Story Meals are never heat treated, retaining up to 96% of their original nutrients, and are lightweight and easy to carry. With Whole Story Meals, you’ll find convenience without nutritional compromise. 

It's time to start asking questions.




Commercial enteral formulas for tubies derive more than half of their calories, typically 55%, from forms of sugar, such as corn maltodextrin, brown rice syrup, and sugar. These are empty calories. The World Health Organization recommends that sugar should represent less than 10% of our caloric intake, with less than 5% being even better.


This means that commercial enteral formulas can contain more than five times the recommended amount of sugar in a person’s diet. Let’s look at the ingredients of a very popular commercial enteral formula:


  • Water

  • Corn maltodextrin

  • Milk protein concentrate

  • Sugar

  • High oleic safflower oil

  • Soy oil

  • Medium chain triglycerides


Tube-fed people are recommended to consume this not only as a snack, but for every meal every single day of their lives. Imagine living your entire life without ever consuming a single grain, fruit, or vegetable. Imagine never once consuming a natural vitamin or mineral.

When our founder's daughter was diagnosed with her disability, the doctor explained that children like her die from secondary illnesses such as the flu, pneumonia, or diabetes. At the same time, she was told to feed Story Grace the typical commercial diet.



Whole Story Meals offers wholesome, nutritious, real food that not only nourishes the body, but brings convenience and freedom to individuals and families living with a feeding tube. Our powdered, freeze-dried meals are convenient, are nutrient-dense, and retain up to 96% of their nutrients that were present when they were picked at the peak of ripeness.

Families can simply mix our product with any liquid, and it is ready to be fed through a feeding tube and flood the body with natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and health-promoting ingredients.​

  • Sunflowers Seeds

  • Blueberries

  • Quinoa

  • Zucchini

  • Coconut Oil

  • Kale

  • Golden Flax Seed

One doctor notes:


“Although the knowledge about healthy and unhealthy foods has increased dramatically...this information has not translated into a new generation of enteral nutrition formulas made to mimic natural healthy foods: rich in greens, never heated to high temperatures.”

– Dr. Stig Bengmark *


Dr. Bengmark, that new generation of enteral nutrition is here. But, it does not merely mimic healthy foods. It is healthy foods. And it is never heated to high temperatures.

*Bengmark, S. 2013. Nutrition of the critically ill – a 21st century perspective. Nutrients, 5(1), 162-207.

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