Through Powdered Whole Story Meals


Currently, enteral products must endure high heat to be made shelf-stable. This process destroys many of the natural, wholesome benefits of the food, requiring the addition of synthetic vitamins.

Our process, on the other hand, simply removes the water that microbes need to reproduce and cause food to spoil. High temperatures are not necessary, so the natural, healthy nutrients in the food are kept safe and ready for you to rehydrate them for consumption.  

At Whole Story Meals, we grind a strategic formulation of foods into powder, creating a lightweight, easy-to-carry, natural, and nutritious enteral product. Simply add the powder to water or any other liquid of your choice, shake, and feed! The amount of liquid you use determines the caloric density, so you are in complete control.

Whole Story Meals brings you quality, convenience and control without nutritional compromise.

With Whole Story Meals, the future of enteral nutrition begins today.

Feed me whole. Feed me real.

Fresh Kale

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