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We’re Not Just for Tubies!

So, guess what, Whole Story Meals are nutritious, convenient meals for tube feeding. Oh, you already knew that, you say? Did you know this? Whole Stole Meals can be consumed orally!

Whole Story Meals can be combined with the liquid of your choice to create pureed meals. Carry our powdered meals with you, and prepare when you are ready to eat!

If you would like to drink our meals, simply add more liquid to create a delicious, nutritious shake! Just add a liquid, shake it up, and it’s ready to enjoy. Our lightweight, nutritious, cold-processed meals, made out of real food, are for everyone.

Make berry pancakes or sprinkles some in a savory soup for extra veggies and goodness.

We have had several individuals who eat a puréed diet tell us the ease of Whole Story Meals. It’s the perfect and easy solution when you just don’t want to think about what to make for a meal or a quick snack.

They love that we have a sweeter and a savory option to our meals and when combined together they compliment each other for a well-rounded meal.

Think of the possibilities. Whether you are hiking in the woods, traveling by airplane, or simply in a rush to get out the door, our meals are here to make your life easier without compromising on nutrition in any way. Forget the drive-through. Grab a Whole Story Meal, shake, and go! Every cell in your body will thank you.

The sky's the limit with Whole Story Meals!

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