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Let Go of Limits with a Feeding Tube

I had no idea how I was going to pull this off. I wanted to hike, get my children out in nature, maybe even campout. But, there was a problem. My daughter, Story Grace, cannot walk and she has a feeding tube. She would need me to carry her through the woods.

I would also have to bring her food for her feeding tube. This meant either a powdered formula consisting primarily of sugar and low-quality oils or a tub of heavy, pureed food. It would be too much. It felt unfair. It was not right that I had to choose between quality nutrition for my daughter or walking with all of my children in the woods. I could not have both.

I pondered this and a thought suddenly occurred to me. What if our family could indeed have both?

This is how Whole Story Meals came to be. I don’t want any more families of tubies being forced to choose between quality nutrition and living their lives without these limitations. I want families of tubies to be able to choose both.

Now, they can. It’s a powder, lightweight and easy to carry, just like the powdered formulas. But, unlike powdered formulas, it is made of real, whole food. It is all the convenience without nutritional compromise. Mix it up when you are ready to feed and carry on. No more heavy tubs of pureed food. No more sugar-laden powders. No more limits. Where will Whole Story Meals take you?

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